Clarendon Forest Retreat is a family operated bush retreat in NSW. The property offers six stand alone cottages spread across the 100 acre property. Clarendon is unique in that we are surrounded by 16,600 hectares of State Forest and Nature Reserve. The layout is a product of the initial owners desires to create a peaceful, private and relaxing environment.

The retreat was started in the mid 1990’s by dividing 100 acres off the surrounding 1000 acre property (which used to be a dairy farm). Slowly the blocks were sold and built on by individual owners. We are lucky enough to have a German Master builder, Walter Duber living down the road. His wife Giesla designed most of the houses and Walter built them with locally sourced materials.

We are blessed with an abundance of wildlife including various wallaby species, reptiles, and we have even seen the occasional sugar glider. If you are walking in the bush, be sure to keep your eyes up and on the lookout for koalas. The area is a bird lover’s paradise with a huge amount of parrot species, kingfishers, owls, tawny frog mouths and wrens to name a few.

The night sky is quite something to behold on a clear night, make sure and take the time to go out after dark and check it out!

We hope your stay affords you the opportunity to relax, recharge and reconnect with nature and one another.

Directions (Do not follow your GPS down any other road than Possum Brush Road)

Address: 150 Coates Rd, Possum Brush NSW 2430
Clarendon is located 3 hours north of Sydney on the inland side of the Pacific Highway. Clarendon is less than half an hour away from Taree and Forster. Upon turning off the highway, signs reassure you that you are approaching Clarendon.

Driving from Sydney
Turn Left off the Pacific Hwy onto Possum Brush Road 8Km north of Nabiac, then follow the signs, turning right onto Coates Road (10 Minutes from Highway)

Driving from Brisbane
Turn Right (just after pet motel) onto Possum Brush Road, 15 Km South of the Southern Taree exit and follow signs to Clarendon (10 Minutes from Highway) Note: A lot of GPS units will tell you to turn right into Blackbutt Road, please ignore this as it is not a suitable road and there is no signage.