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    We offer in the comfort of your cottage a range of massage and

    pampering packages by our fully qualified and award winning

    therapists including;

    Massage for 2 people 1 hour each or 2 hours for 1 person by Jennifer: $200 (At least 48 hours notice required)
    Reiki (min 2 x 1 hour) by Julie
    www.healing-with-reiki.com.au : $180 (At least 48 hours notice required)

    Dinner Option 1 – Select from the menu of any restaurant of your choice in Forster/Tuncurry or Taree (subject to availability, 48 hours notice required)
    Delivery Fee: $80
    Dinner Option 2 – Nabiac Hotel – free courtesy bus

    for pick up

    and delivery from/to Clarendon

    Cosmic night sky adventure

    Picture this….at the end of a great day in the Clarendon

    Valley you’ve just watched the sun setting over the


    surrounding your beautiful cottage, you’re relaxing on the

    balcony in good company, some delicious food and a

    refreshing beverage……sounds amazing right?

    You see a star in the west and think…”that’s bright, where

    are the rest of them all?”….slowly the stars become more

    and more visible until there’s too many to count and you

    stare out into space in amazement wondering……”what are

    all these stars, how far away are they, how many are there,

    which one is a Venus or Jupiter or Mars, where’s the southern

    cross?”. These and many more questions will be answered by

    Zach Schaad an experienced Celestial Tour Guide.

    Tantalise your imagination as Zach guides you through the

    cosmos with mind blowing Science, ancient astrological

    wisdom and stories from indigenous cultures , this is an


    way to spend your evening.

    Price is $130

    Duration 1 – 1 and a half hours ( start time to be confirmed

    uponbooking depending on time of year ) The Presentation


    # Astronomy

    # Astrology

    # Question and answers

    # Telescope viewing time

    # The opportunity to take photos of deep space objects and

    star clusters through the telescope with your smartphone

    If weather circumstances don’t allow for the presentation to

    proceed, we will contact you to confirm 2 hours prior to start

    time and a refund will be issued.