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    Bushwalking at Clarendon

    Clarendon and it surrounding forests are a treat to experience for Bushwalkers. With over 13,000 hectares to explore, keen bushwalkers can dedicate an entire week to exploring. On our doorstep are series of  trails leading you through Wet and Dry Sclerophyll Eucalypt forests and ancient rainforests.

    “Gracies Loop” is a great bushwalk through majestic forests which will take you around 1:30.  This single track contains steep, sometimes slippery sections.

    For an easier stroll, simply turn left outside our entrance down Coates Road which will lead you to some beautiful remnant rainforest.  Always take your phone with you if you decide to go out in the bush.  There are lots of bush walks which we hope you will enjoy, however please take care.  Make sure you know where you are going and how to get home.  Keep clear of snakes and check yourself for ticks.

    Nearby walks at Ellenborough Falls and Wingham Brush Nature reserve are other great ways to explore the area.

    The property and its surrounds are host to a variety of wildlife including Wallabies, Frogs, Lizards, Goannas, Possums and a whole host of amazing Birdlife.